Pest Control

Whether it is cockroaches, ants, rodents or termites, we can assist you with your Pest Control needs.

HACCP Services

Exclusive and secure cloud based HACCP quality management programme designed for any client.

Hygiene Services

We supply Wash Room equipment as well as Deep Cleaning Services

Welcome to Bambanani Pest Control


Who We Are

Almalgamated Pest Industries was purchased in April 1995 by Flick Pest Control. During 1999 we changed the name to Bambanani Pest Control. The Shareholders in this Company were nominated from Staff within our group on length of services, commitment and motivation.

Our Core Values

 At all times respect and uphold the dignity of people.  To conduct business with the highest sense of ethics.  To strive to achieve “service excellence” in our Business at all times.  Quality of service  Service guarantee  Safety  Reporting- Treatment reports issued to the client  Correct chemical usage and application methods  Correct Communication channels are maintained with the client

What We Do

Bambanani provides professional top quality pest control services to the commercial, retail, industrial and domestic markets to a wide variety of pests and occasional invading insects. All our technicians have vast experience are registered with the Department of Agriculture.

Our Solutions

 Cockroach treatments  Black Ant control  Rodents- Rats and mice  Termite applications  Stored product insect control  Fly control solutions  Occasional invaders (bees, wasps, spiders, crickets, etc.)  Pest control Services tailor-made to all HACCP requirements.  Hygiene Wash Room Products and Deep Cleaning Services are also offered

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